Monday, August 30, 2010

Almost New Dining Room Chandelier

After much thought and sweat "we" finally got the biggest brass piece painted. I had such a hard time deciding whether to paint the fixture because it was the most expensive light we had in our home-solid brass. The glass globes had to be broken off, I never understood why anyone would design a fixture that cannot be cleaned! Painted it with an ivory Rustoleum spray paint and found the mini lampshades at Lowe's for a little over $4. I had some fringe left over from another project that I glued to the shades and I am very pleased with the outcome. It did take the entire family plus one boyfriend to hang it back up!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The "Sore Thumb" Fireplace Insert

I am sure that many of you share my appreciation for the warmth that a wood burning fireplace insert provides in the winter BUT, I have always thought that our insert is sooooooo unattractive. Our insert in our living area sticks out like a sore thumb! We live in the country where gas(propane) logs are pretty expensive to use. I got the bright idea of painting the insert. I used a heat resistant spray paint for grills. It is supposed to withstand temps up to 1200 degrees F. We will see around November!???