Sunday, July 25, 2010

Framing Mirrors

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to frame my master bath mirrors. Now, in a perfect world I would have had my huge mirrors removed and replaced with framed mirrors. The logic set in when I thought of the amount of repainting, etc. that would be involved. I bought the vinyl strips at Home Depot with the little decorative pieces to hide the seems. You do not have to have a saw for this, you score the strips and they snap. Due to the size of my mirrors this little project was a bit pricey to the tune of $100.
Last week I decided to frame my powder room with a much wider frame. I used a much durable plastic molding from Home Depot that I mitered. During this project I learned a very valuable lesson that I am sure all carpenters know, always cut about 1/4 of an inch longer that you measure. It is always easier to shave wood off since there are no "wood extenders" that I know of. This project costs $20.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Saved From the Trash!

A friend(Debbie), who has a much harder time throwing things away, thought of me during a clean out. I did not have this table out of the car good when my daughter, Mallary, told me that my next project needed to be a nightstand for her room. Manna from Heaven!! I sanded ever so slightly because I hate to sand and put one coat of Kilz. Painted with Colorfast Teal and antiqued it with Minwax Ebony.
Chair $0
Paint $8
I already had the Kilz and Minwax
Total Cost $8

I am lovin the color and I thought it went really well with her expensive bedspread from Anthropologie she conned out of her grandmother and me for her birthday.
Sorry about the quality of the pics, one day I am going to be a good photographer!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wicker Redo

Bought this from our new pastor for $50, painted it and recovered the chairs. Liking the transformation!

Painted and Antiqued Wooden Chairs

After several hours of reading about methods to do with my chairs, which I am not fond of by the way(the chairs), I finally took the plunge and did something! This was after they sat in my garage for at least two weeks! I spray painted them Rustoleum white and antiqued them with Ebony Minwax. The first stroke of the ebony and I panicked but after I kept wiping, I just luvvvv them. The picture does not do them justice, but they are kind of gray with several spots of black left in the grooves. Hope you like them, they will do until I can afford to buy what I really want. Tootles!

PS I also painted and distressed the barstools, hope to replace them in the future!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My home was built in 1995 and I am in the process of removing the brass! I spray painted this fixture with Rustoleum textured brown.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Painted My Breakfast Table

Hi there, wanted to share a project I completed recently. I painted my wooden breakfast table. This table has been a disappointment to me from the "get go". For the price in 1996 it should not have been so wobbly. I went shopping to find a new table and woaaa could not believe the prices!! So, this is how I pitched it to my hubby. Question,"Would you rather pay $3500 for a new dining set OR I can paint the old?" This was a "no brainer". I primed with Kilz(white) and spray painted with Rustoleum's Black(Satin). I also distressed it AFTER this pic.

Before After