Thursday, July 8, 2010

Painted and Antiqued Wooden Chairs

After several hours of reading about methods to do with my chairs, which I am not fond of by the way(the chairs), I finally took the plunge and did something! This was after they sat in my garage for at least two weeks! I spray painted them Rustoleum white and antiqued them with Ebony Minwax. The first stroke of the ebony and I panicked but after I kept wiping, I just luvvvv them. The picture does not do them justice, but they are kind of gray with several spots of black left in the grooves. Hope you like them, they will do until I can afford to buy what I really want. Tootles!

PS I also painted and distressed the barstools, hope to replace them in the future!

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  1. Oh, I gotta see this in real life!! Comin over for coffee!!