Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reorganizing My Closet

I am so ashamed to show this, it is literally is airing laundry but this is what I have been looking at for months when I am soaking in the whirlpool!  And yes, I could close the door but no, that is never the case:)  Who could relax ???? So finally one Saturday I decided to stay home from the Mississippi State vs Alabama game(thought it was going to be a waxing and we really played well) and spent 3/4 of the day on this.  I removed the summer items.  

After many years of hauling the large tubs out of the attic, I started  keeping my off season clothes in the space bags over a year ago and love them!!  They are great to put under the bed or in the top of your closet.

After waiting patiently(ha ha) for several weeks and stepping over the drill in the closet, my husband hung the rod for me.  Even though I straightened the shelves, I wanted this shower curtain to cover them so that when they are not perfect, like I am afraid that they will be in a matter of weeks, I will not have to look at them!

The basket on the left has belts and my scarves are folded in the basket on the right.

About a year ago I started purchasing wood hangers, mistake, mistake, mistake!  They are great if you have a huge closet but I needed more room.(Shameful shameful at the amount of clothes I possess and this is AFTER I culled out.  I went to Ross, TJMaxx and bought the thin felt hangers and hung my dresses with them.  Let me just say that I am a believer now!!!! They freed up soooooo much space!!  I have also been grouping my tops, blouses and pants by color.  You would not believe how much time you save looking for the "perfect" outfit for the day.  As you can tell I do not have my dresses grouped by color.  Hope to add more as the budget allows.

Hope this helps someone with small closet space.  The other side is for my husband's clothes and he promises to "tackle" them after football season.

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  1. Beautiful after photos of your closet. I'm always working on our closet.

  2. Wow nice and you can just donate all your "extra" clothes to me lol