Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Craft, Recipe, and Tradition Party

In November an idea just popped in my head to have a craft/recipe/tradition party. When I mentioned it at work many thought it was a great idea . I asked each guest to bring one of these : Christmas craft idea, recipe, or a tradition that she enjoys. I have to say, in the past I have had some pretty "sad" parties that are not even worth mentioning but we. had. a. BLAST!!! The everyones' ideas were so awesome. This is Martha sharing how to make her wonderful Cream Cheese Cookies. She brought each of us a sample of them wrapped in the cutest bags! They tasted wonderful!Melissa told us about how she and her sister(one of my principals) make cookies and candies for the holidays. She brought peanut butter and crackers dipped in almond bark. They were great.

Monica shared with us how to make one of her beautiful bows. Many people pay good money to have bows tied for them.
Carla, one of our art teachers, shared jingle bells ornaments.
Laura( one of our assistant principals) brought a tin with a "Fireside Drink Mix" inside with chocolate covered spoons for stirring.

I did tell my coworkers that they were more than welcomed to come and "steal" ideas. They were not required to share if they did not want. Freda, the comedian of the bunch, shared a picture of a hospital bed. Her husband said that it has become a tradition for them to go to the hospital every Christmas with one of their parents! She is such a hoot!

Ira showed us how to take a painted bucket , fill it with garland, and tie a bell etc. on the side. It turned out beautiful. Sorry that I do not have a picture of the finished product.
This is just a sample of the ideas. Many other recipes were brought and sampled. I highly recommend hosting a party such as this. I was totally blown away by the amount of participation and fun we had.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. It was a wonderful idea and it was a wonderful time. You have a beautiful home and was blessed to be a part of such a fun night! Carla