Thursday, March 22, 2012

Coffee Anyone?

Our aunt happened to mention that she was about to haul off her older furniture to Gateway and immediately my heart skipped a beat......I repeated what she said to make sure I heard her clearly. You have to understand anything this lady owns has been WELL taken care of, she vacuums everyday!!! You could eat off of her floors on any given day. Also, my daughter is moving in an apartment in the fall at college so I have been scavenging items for her. The short version of this story is we got a sofa for my daughter, Regan, a recliner for the other daughter's boyfriend and a coffee table for me!! The table had some nicks in it so I used Plaster of Paris to make my own chalk paint. I used 1/3 Plaster of Paris to 2/3 paint(left over from painting the trim of our house). With this paint it was so easy to distress with sandpaper. I sprayed it with a clear top coat that I hope will keep it from easily being scratched. Folks you can't beat free!!!! Got so excited about painting that I forgot to take a before pic:( These were taken BEFORE I waxed it.
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  1. Love the coffee table!! And you made a good haul! :)

    1. And I forgot to mention - I'm a high school math teacher, too! 21 years now, so I still have a few before I retire. :)

    2. Thank you Misti and for visiting, I am your newest follower!

  2. I love that coffee table! It's got a fantastic shape and the storage shelf underneath the glass top is great! You can put neat things underneath the glass on the shelf below and still have plenty of room for a tray and pillow to plop on top for one's feet. I really like the color, too. There is just something about slightly distressed (not too much, just a little bit) white. Looks great!

  3. That was a great save. Not sure what color is was before but I love it now. I am glad you didn't distress so terribly much. It is just right.